Artist Spotlight - Adam Downey

Artist Spotlight – Adam Downey

It’s difficult to put into words the talent behind the man. To try to express it in a single sentence, he started playing piano when he was 12 and in the next 4 year he competed and won jr. world champion rag time player 3 times. He then went on to be the World Rag Time Champion in 2002. He mastered his craft in a mere 13 years and became the best in the world. He has many more musical achievements to his resume, including a solo piano album, which you can see here!

At the time that I asked Adam to audition for Rescued From Rehab the bands name was “Beer for Breakfast”. We had to change the name but that’s another story. I’ll never forget the smile on each of the groups faces after Adam tickled the keys for the first time as we jammed.  There was no doubt that we had found our keyboard player. Soon after Adam joined us on his first gig with the band, we started writing. He quickly became very influential in the direction the album was taking. After many long hours in a local Grand Rapids Michigan studio, Feverbell Recording, the band released it’s first all original album.

Adam continues to be a great addition the RFR family. His personality and musicality is second to none and we love him like a brother!


Album released!

Debut Album Released!!!

Rescued From Rehab has released there debut album “Everybody Will Know”. This is an exciting moment for the band and is long over due. We have been working on the album for well over a year now and it’s finally here!

Check it out on iTunes!

You can also listen to all the full tracks on our Facebook page HERE!


Harvard Gig Weekend

Great turn out on Friday and Saturday night… Thanks to everyone who stopped by including the Brady and folks from Black Dog Outfitters (BDO) and Mary who will soon be leaving to serve in the navy. We are playing next Friday and Saturday so if you missed it the first time, you can join us and see what you’ve been missing… Everybody will know!

Rainy day for a race

5th/3rd River Bank Run

It was a great day! Full of rain and mud, leaky tent, no stage, and no tarp. We got a slot to play at the 5th/3rd riverbank run. The band was excited at the opportunity to play for the runners and provide motivation to help keep them going in the 25k race. Unfortunately due to the wet weather, location, and lack of a dry surface to set up on, we were not able to perform. However, we did set up the speakers and DJ’d for the runners. We were able to help one runner who started cramping up as she ran by. Thanks Carrie for keeping us company for a time!


New Band Name, Same Great Music!

The band has a new name… yes, with much sadness we say goodbye to Beer For Breakfast.

The story… One fine day after being in the studio recording our first set of originals, we started to look into marketing our music. We ran smack dab into “copyright infringement hell”. Our quest for a new name was underway. A few weeks, and a few beers later “Rescued From Rehab” was born (Oh what a cute little baby you have!).

Moral of the story… creativity can be increased with alcohol (among other things), just make sure you have a sober person there to remeber it! We also found that recording it works to. Oh right, and you should always make sure to OWN yourself, literally!